5 Home Renovation Do’s and Don’ts

Here’s how to make smart home investments and avoid fixes that can fall flat. Below are the five do’s and don’ts for fixes that can pay off.

  1. DO: Add a spare room. Converting unused basement or attic space into an extra bedroom opens your home to exponentially more buyers.
    DON’T: Add an extra bathroom. Plumbing, wiring and tiling make these small spaces extremely expensive add-ons. (However, if your home has only one bathroom, adding a powder room can be a major selling feature.)
  2. DO: Replace cabinet hardware. Changing the handles in the kitchen and bathroom is a cheap and easy way to add some flair.
    DON’T: Remodel your home office. Many buyers will look at built-in shelving and desks as something they’ll have to spend money on converting back to a bedroom.
  3. DO: Landscape your property. A mix of hardy perennials and some vibrant low-cost annuals will give your home that all-important curb appeal.
    DON’T: Install an in-ground pool. Many buyers will balk at the ongoing maintenance and be fearful of long-term repair and replacement costs.
  4. DO: Upgrade your appliances. Energy-efficient ones may qualify for a rebate, and you’ll cut back on your utility bills for as long as you’re in the house.
    DON’T: Add a backup generator. While the peace of mind may help you weather any storm, buyers will not pay a premium for this addition.
  5. DO: Re-paint rooms that need a fresh coat of paint, or do not have a lot of sun light. Using lighter neutral colors  will help make the room look bigger and brighter
    DON’T: Use wallpaper as it can get messy and home buyers will cringe at the thought of having to remove it later.