When you hire Stick Built Construction for our design and build services, we handle your entire project — planning, design, architectural plans, budget & construction. Some of the benefits to this approach is that everyone who is involved are all working together under one roof, from start to finish. This approach results in a more efficient process that improves quality control, more accurate budgets and tighter project schedules. Changes to your home can be implemented more efficiently which saves time and costs.

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Key benefits to Stick Built Construction design-build services

From the first meeting to the last, we effectively manage all components of your process while staying in communication with you the entire way. Our design-build services are suited for people who want an "a-z" approach.


  • Accountability & Quality Control
    Since we manage your entire project, you have a single point of contact who is accountable to you. Our team is working together cooperatively from the first meeting with you. This eliminates communication failures and conflicts of interest.
  • Speed, Efficiency & Cost Control
    By working together as a single entity, we are able to create more detailed and accurate budgets and construction plans. This means we save you time, money, and stress. We carefully manage your project so that we can deliver it as promised.
  • Proven & Established Processes
    Unplanned changes and unforeseen conditions can be a project coordination nightmare when multiple parties are involved, leading to mistakes, higher costs, and extended time lines. A well-planned project using our streamlined internal processes for addressing change allows efficient change orders and tight cost control.